Address Drainage Issues and Clear Leaves Off Your Lawn in the Fall


Fall is a great time to address drainage issues that may impact your property. Landscapes Plus can walk through your property and determine if foundation drainage issues may be impacting your home. Proper foundation grading is key to keeping water out of your home. Routing gutter downspouts away from your foundation may help solve costly water issues.

Installing fall color to your garden will help with curb appeal and add to the overall beauty of your property. Fall bush trimming and general fall maintenance items can all happen now.

Spring blooming bulbs are now available and can be installed by our crews over the next several fall months.

Leaves need to be removed from lawn areas before the cold sets in. Leaving a thick layer of leaves on your lawn during the winter will cause damage to your lawn. Call us today to schedule any of the above services.

This Summer Has One of the Wettest Seasons on Record

Plants, shrubs, and trees have all received an overwhelming amount of water this summer. Some have thrived, while others have shown severe signs of stress.

Saturated soils have compromised the ability of plants to grow this summer. We have seen numerous plants and shrubs in decline.

September is going to be a perfect time for new plantings and to discuss any garden needs you have. Fall is also the best time for lawn renovation. Seeding, fertilizing, aeration, and liming can all be scheduled now for the fall season.